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November 25, 2011 / playforth

Travelling librarian 1: Wales

Miskin manor photoI recently spent three days at the gorgeously gothic Miskin Manor near Cardiff for the RSP Autumn School. This short post doesn’t really do it justice but I just wanted to put down a few of my main ‘takeaways’ for further reflection:

1. the theme was ‘bringing the emphasis back to open access’ and the word ’emphasis’ says it all really. We’re all being asked to do more with less, but sometimes narrowing our focus can be a positive. It’s easier to advocate for something if you have a clear idea of what that something is!

2. so, are we open access advocates or just/mainly repository advocates? Do we get involved in Gold OA as well as Green? Is our repository really open access at all if most of the records are metadata-only?

3. the first rule of talking about your repository is, don’t talk about your repository. Advocacy needs to be about what it’s for, not what it is.

4. academics do respond to open access ideals… in theory. But when it comes to behaviour change, we need to appeal to self-interest.

See eg. Jackie’s post Murder at Miskin Manor for more on the event. (Although there wasn’t any real murder and we made a very cosy, jolly crew as we hoovered up enough carbs to power the national grid, I did notice a certain homicidal feeling towards publishers at times…)



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  1. Simon Wood / Nov 25 2011 3:52 pm

    There’s some lovely places round here 😉

    Agree that it’s worth narrowing focus – that’s something us non-repository types can appreciate. And I’ll be interested in your further reflections on your rather crucial second question…

    You might be interested in some thoughts about openness and ‘who pays’ from Martin Weller yesterday, in relation to digital scholarship And some thoughts from Alan Cann a couple of weeks ago on how having personal impact data would appeal to his self-interest when choosing where to publish

  2. playforth / Nov 25 2011 4:48 pm

    Yes that post on personal impact data has been sent round the repository community 🙂
    I think it should probably be standard good practice among IR managers to provide this data – of course one problem is getting (accurate) stats out of the repository in the first place…

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