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October 8, 2012 / playforth

To the repository… and beyond?

So, after many months of uncertainty over funding, and the involvement of various different managers (several of whom have now left), our institutional repository will finally be going live as an institute-wide service. We already know the platform works because we’re using it for a separate digitisation project, so I’m hopeful that the implementation won’t be a baptism of fire so much as a confirmation of lukewarmness. Or something. This is a brief post about the planned next steps for promoting, implementing, and embedding the repository, written mainly so I can look back in a few months’ time and see where reality has  diverged from the plan (as it inevitably will)…

Launch: October 2012. All-staff email, poster and leaflet campaign, and live demos during Open Access Week. Heavy mention of the repository in OA Week talks and events. Meeting with ‘key stakeholders’* to introduce them to the idea and their role.

*I hate this phrase but didn’t want to include the specifics of who I mean in case one of them reads this and starts freaking out about how overworked they already are and how they can’t possibly cope with another new thing. If people ARE reading this and worrying: it’s all going to be fine. Really.

Phase 1: training and consultation on the self-deposit process with selected teams/projects (specifically ones funded by OA-mandating bodies, plus any existing IR ‘champions’ or other keen staff). Roughly November 2012-January 2013.

Phase 2: magic plug-in implemented (aka techy bit that I don’t understand) to allow single deposit to both the repository and other required locations for research outputs/data. Less work for depositors! So time to roll out self-deposit for all staff/teams: initial training plus written step-by-step guidance (including pretty flow charts) and copyright advice available on intranet etc. Continues to around April 2013.

Phase 3: self-deposit in place across the institute (hahaha), expanding to include non-text formats, and developing the service in response to user feedback. April 2013 onwards…



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  1. Ian Clark (@ijclark) / Oct 8 2012 3:50 pm

    Is phase 2 a CRIS by any chance? If so, do you know what you are using?

  2. playforth / Oct 8 2012 3:55 pm

    Nothing so extensive as a CRIS – just a bit of code as far as I understand it, initially will just post to the website CMS as well as the repo.

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