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August 21, 2013 / playforth

What I did in my holidays: 2

I ran 5k! I know that for the marathon runners amongst you, this isn’t very far, but given that I had never even run for a bus before March this year, I’m pretty chuffed. I’d been following the Couch to 5k programme which coaches you through a 9-week regime of thrice-weekly outings (starting off with walking interspersed with short running intervals, and gradually increasing the running bits). I highly recommend it for anyone who’s ‘not a runner’ but would like to become one and doesn’t know where to start. Even in week 3 or 4 I was still sceptical that I could ever run for 20 minutes non-stop, but it’s so incremental that you hardly notice when you do. I must admit to being fairly flexible with the programme, since I didn’t always manage to fit in three runs a week, and had the occasional break for a week or more when I was ill or the weather was awful. I also stopped strictly following it at week 7, and just carried on doing 25-30 minute runs until one day I finally hit the magic 5k.

So of course the next logical step is to do it with a load of other women, in the dark, in a pink t-shirt, holding a glow stick – aka the Cancer Research UK Race for Life Twilight! You can sponsor me here, if you feel the urge.
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