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June 20, 2014 / playforth

Library birthday in the life

Photo CC By-NC-ND by Marina Noordegraaf on FlickrThe Library Day in the Life project is no longer officially running, but I thought since I was working on my birthday this year I might take stock and record some of the stuff I did.

Overall, it was a relatively quiet day – no sessions on the enquiry/circulation desk and only one meeting, which is incredibly rare these days. Things were also quiet with my international partners in our digital library project, in that I only exchanged a few emails with two current partners and didn’t have to face any difficult issues of finance or politics – a new and not particularly welcome aspect of my job. I didn’t get any cataloguing done, but I did catch up with some other ongoing type work which has been neglected in the midst of conferences, proposal writing, strategy meetings, training, contract negotiation and other stuff which probably counts as Urgent and Important (and Bloody Stressful) in the time/task management matrix…

So, a good day in that sense even though it’s more of a quick breather than a permanent easing of pressure.


Arrived at work, opened windows, read emails. Commented on a couple of circulated draft documents.


Made a few edits to my presentation slides for next week’s internal seminar on open access. Ate some shortbread.


Checked and approved submissions to our institutional repository.


Worked through some of a bibliography for a digitisation project, noting items requiring copyright clearance. (I’m now on page 19 of 64…)


Email and social media wrangling, including updating LinkedIn profile according to new library guidelines that we’ve been working on as part of our outreach and engagement strategy. Ate a brownie.


More repository submissions to go through. It’s great that deposits are increasing, but it’s getting fairly labour-intensive for yours truly… manual adding of cover sheets and making manual links to our catalogue are the main time-sink. Noted that we might need to review these workflows soon.


Lunch with our international advisory committee for our global knowledge programme, followed by a team presentation and library tour. A chance to talk about our projects to raise the profile and accessibility of research published in developing countries, including my digitisation and repository work. And to get free food.


Tried to work out why our project assistant STILL hasn’t got access to the right bits of the network, a month after she started work.


In lieu of a lunch break, some fannying about on the internet.


Reading – institutional ‘change process’ documents. Hm.


Caught up with emails/issue logs regarding upcoming LMS upgrade and resource discovery tool implementation, and played with a few things in the test versions.


MORE repository submissions to process.


In the bar for birthday drinks and Colombia vs Ivory Coast 🙂


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