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November 25, 2014 / playforth


National Not Writing Month, is what this has turned out to be. Mostly.

I signed up for NaNoWriMo for the first time this year, but even in the first flush of enthusiasm I was well aware that I probably wouldn’t write 50,000 words. With 5 days left and my word count stuck firmly at… 5,014, it seems I was right. And yet I’m not viewing this experiment as a failure, because:

1. I started writing this story in 2007 and spent the next 6 years sporadically and half-heartedly revising the first chapter. This is the first time I’ve got beyond that first chapter. I developed new characters, advanced the plot into the heady realms of a second, third, fourth and even fifth chapter, and brought in different narrative devices and voices. The pressure of a deadline (even one I knew I wouldn’t meet) really does force some kind of forward momentum.

2. I now know that I do have the ideas in me, and that (lack of) time IS a bigger factor than (lack of) inspiration. Previously I’d always worried that I was just using my full-time job, kid, house, other writing commitments, social life and need for 8 hours sleep a night as excuses to cover up the fact that I can’t actually write for toffee and am unmotivated and lazy when it comes to even trying.

So, will my novel get written? Not by 30th November, and probably not even by next year. But one day? Yes!


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  1. Lilian / Nov 25 2014 8:55 pm

    Yes! Well done on realising no. 2. That is good.

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